Jason Aldean Has Bob Seger Figured Out

“Turn the Page” Made More Sense at CMT Crossroads Taping

“But your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do/When you’re riding 16 hours and there’s nothing there to do/And you don’t feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.”

Jason Aldean can sing that old Bob Seger line like he means it even though he had no idea what it meant when he first started playing the song in middle school.

At the recent CMT Crossroads taping near Nashville, Aldean told the intimate crowd (and Seger) about his first Seger cover songs.

“I was singing ‘Turn the Page’ in middle school, not having any idea what it meant at all,” he laughed. “But now that I’m a touring musician, it makes more sense.”

The song is about the behind-the-scenes look at the realities of a rock star’s life on the road. Seger wrote it in the early ‘70s, but hearing Aldean talk about it, it seems like every word still rings true today.

Seger wrote it after driving to a gig through a snowstorm and getting ridiculed at a truck stop for having long hair. After that gig, Seger played the song and “Turn the Page” was born. It was first recorded on his Back in ’72 album from 1973 — four years before Aldean was even born.

CMT Crossroads: Bob Seger and Jason Aldean premieres Friday (Nov. 28) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.