Jake Owen: “I Was Raised Better Than That”

He Changes His Tune Due to His Wife, Daughter and Mom

Somewhere, right this minute, I bet Jake Owen’s parents are bursting with pride. Especially his mom. Because in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Owen said what every mother hopes her son says (or even thinks) someday: “I was raised better than that.”

He was talking about the kind of country music that leans a little, well, sexist. Let’s face it, even when a country song is all about loving a woman, it tends to get a bit more superficial than that. And she becomes less of a person and more of a cherry lip-glossed, cut-off wearing, moonshine-swigging thing on her pedestal of long tan legs. Oh, and her sexy’s turned all the way up to 10.

And here’s why Owen won’t make songs that objectify women like that now.

“I’ve got a daughter, I’m married and I love my mom. You never want to do anything that would humiliate or make a woman feel bad or put some sort of insecurities on them,” Owen said.

However, he wouldn’t say he’s never recorded a song like that because we all know about the one-night stand in the bed of his truck out on Old Tobacco Road in his “Eight Second Ride.”

“That’s the dangerous double-edged sword of making music,” Owen said, “but I know where my morals are.”

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