Nine #blessed Moments: From Garth Brooks to Luke Bryan

For Thanksgiving, Let's Hold Hands and Count Our Country Blessings

I know, I know. Family, friends and faith. Those are the true blessings we’re all counting on Thanksgiving Day this year, and every year.

But come on. If we’re being brutally honest, aren’t there some country music moments from 2014 you’re really, seriously thankful for, too? I know I am. I counted my blessings, and came up with my top nine. Did I forget any?

1. Garth Brooks. I’d had just about enough of his retirement. And Brooks and I are not getting any younger, you know? So I feel grateful that he came back in a big way while I was still young enough to go see a show (or 11).

2. Bob Seger singing Jason Aldean songs. And vice versa. I went to my very first CMT Crossroads taping this year and fell in love with both their voices all over again. (Also fell in love with Franklin, Tennessee, that night, too.) You can watch for yourself when the CMT Crossroads airs on Friday (Nov. 28).

3. The release of Maddie & Tae’s “Girl in a Country Song.” That took balls.

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