Yes, Georgia Florida Line Was a Contender

They Decided to Go Alphabetically, Says Brian Kelley

Florida Georgia Line. It definitely has a nice ring to it. Now, anyway. But what about before? Before the country duo was kind of an overnight sensation?

Last time I chatted with Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, I asked if they’d ever considered being Georgia Florida Line. I asked just for the hell of it, and because I live in the North, so I tend to think of things going from north (Georgia) to south (Florida).

Kelley admitted that yes, they had considered that as the name for their about-to-be-crazy-famous band name. “Georgia Florida Line was definitely a contender,” he told me. “But ultimately, we went with Florida Georgia Line because it was alphabetical. And because it just sounds better.” Said the guy who represents the Florida in Florida Georgia Line. But whatever.

The entire conversation had us wondering if the world would’ve kept on spinning had other country band names been turned around and upside down.

Think about whether or not you’d have added these artists to your playlist:

Flatt Rascals
Dunn & Brooks
Rich & Big
Tae & Maddie
Young Eli Band
Big Little Town
Shay + Dan
Gentry Montgomery
Theft & Love
Annie’s Pistol
Antebellum Lady
The Perry Band
Brown Sawyer
Chick Dixies
Rio Diamond