Kenny Chesney Gets Kudos From Jason Aldean, Eric Church

Both Artists Can’t Wait to Ride the Tour Vibe

Kenny Chesney is a smart man. He has chosen some very cool artists to head out on the road with him throughout his career. (Remember the Guitars, Tiki Bars and a Whole Lotta Love Tour 10 years ago, with Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley?)

And 2015 looks like it may be his best lineup ever.

He’s chosen Jason Aldean and Eric Church to join him on tour. And I was lucky enough to ask both of them what they were looking forward to the most about the big Big Revival Tour.

Church said they’d dreamed this whole thing up while they were together at the final George Strait show.

“Kenny and I were talking, and I told him, ‘This was the most fun I’ve ever had.’ It was almost like every week it was a vacation. It just has this vibe that I loved. When you get that going on in a tour, people feel that,” Church told me. “So I told Kenny, ‘Hey man, if you got a few shows, I’ll ride with you.'”

He added that his fans and Chesney’s fans “played well in the sandbox together.”

And his goal for the nights he’s out there with Chesney? “I just hope we attack the stage.”

Do you remember that Instagram picture of Chesney and Aldean doing some day drinking at B-Dubs back in July? At the time, Aldean had said, “He’s ready to get on the road.”
I assumed that was the day they talked about touring together. But Aldean told me it was already a done deal at that point.

“We were supposed to tour together a couple years ago, but then Kenny decided to take a year off. So all those plans got put on hold. By the time we were at B-Dubs, everything was already in the works,” Aldean said.

And now that his 10 Chesney dates have been announced — from San Francisco in May to Boston in August — Aldean’s looking forward to seeing what they’ll both bring to the party.

“I’m sure I’ll learn some stuff from him out there,” he told me, “and I like to think that I bring something to the table that will be something he can take away from that. He’s been doing this longer than I have. And he’s done it the right way — and built a career from nothing — so I have a ton of respect for him.”