10 Funniest Garth Brooks Social Media Moments

He’s Still Learning, Cut the Guy Some Slack

Garth Brooks is very new to social media. He just opened up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine accounts on Nov. 11 (less than a month ago), so he’s still getting the hang of some things.

Here’s his first-ever post to Facebook:

As you can see, there’s a bit of a learning curve here, but I give Brooks credit for trying something that looks very foreign to him.

And he’s a pretty quick study, so let’s take look at his progress:

First Twitter post!

He’s got the “look where I am” post down.

He’s almost got it!

Inspirational quotes are always good.

He’s figured out half of social media is just tagging your significant other.

Trying to start a flame war?

He’s discovered filters! Almost there!

It’s always good to bring some other celebrities into this “conversation.”

Now he’s got it! Announcing news without a publicist!

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