Two Reasons Joe Don Rooney’s Party of Five Is Sweet

Big Kids Helping With New Baby Girl

Joe Don Rooney’s latest release — his daughter Devon Olivia — is 8 weeks old this week. So what’s it like juggling a third kid in the Rooney clan?
So far, so good.

The littlest Rascal Flatt was born Sept. 29 and came home to big brother Jagger Donovan, 6, and big sister Raquel Blue, 4. And since then, Rooney says everyone has been pitching in to help with the bundle of joy.

“Jagger’s kind of like, he walks in the room, we might be feeding Devon, and he’s like, ’Oh, that’s sweet — a little baby.’ And he pats her on the head like she’s a puppy dog, and then he pretty much leaves the room. He’s kind of like in and out,” Rooney said in a radio interview.

“Rocky being 4 years old, she’s a girl, obviously, and she wants to hold Devon and feed her,” he said. “She’s very motherly, very hands on, very one-on-one with Devon, and she just loves her. It’s so sweet.”

That sounds pretty cute, but only about half as cute as the fact that Raquel’s nickname is Rocky. That’s crazy adorable.

Rooney and his wife Tiffany feel blessed even though their hands are very full.

“It’s challenging in some ways just because your time is spread out a little bit more, but coming home to a full house is really, really sweet,” Rooney said. “It’s a really amazing, powerful feeling that I feel blessed to get to feel.”