Thalassophobia Scares Blake Shelton the Most

There Must Be Something in the Water, He's Afraid

Blake Shelton is in the recent People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. Sadly, he didn’t top the list, but he does have what sounds like might be the scariest fear alive.

In the section where some of the sexiest Hollywood A-listers are asked to reveal what scares them the most, Shelton said, “My biggest fear is being in water that’s clear but so deep that when I look down, it’s dark, and I can see my feet dangling.”

There is a loosely defined fear of the sea known as thalassophobia, which is just kind of the fear of the unknown. So instead of being scared of the dark or spiders or snakes or heights or elevators or fire, Shelton’s just scared of the potential scares.

“I’m convinced there’s something that’s going to attack me, like a giant catfish or turtle,” he says.

But if I understand the fear correctly, it’s not that he is actually afraid of the catfish and turtles. It’s more that they might or might not be there — ready for attack.

“I would rather be in muddy water that’s deep than clear water that’s deep and dark. I can’t explain it, but it’s a true fear,” Shelton said.

I know Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert like to spend time relaxing on Lake Texoma near their home in Oklahoma, so hopefully his fears won’t ever stand in the way of that.