Man-Crush Alert: Keith Urban and Larry the Cable Guy?

Comedian Explains His Appreciation Prior to Hosting CMT Artists of the Year

Don’t we all pretty much just adore Keith Urban? So it’s understandable that Larry the Cable Guy is no exception to this rule and may or may not be harboring a slight man-crush on everyone’s favorite country Aussie.

OK, maybe not a genuine man-crush but definitely a deep fondness and friendship.

I caught up with Mr. Git-R-Done on the red carpet of the CMT Artists of the Year special a few days ago, and the show’s host confessed there was one pal he was most excited to see onstage that night — Urban.

And with good reason, too. Larry confessed to me the “Somewhere in My Car” singer extended the ultimate token of friendship and goodwill several years ago during a special moment honoring Urban. But in Urban’s typical fashion, it quickly became about all about Larry and less about himself.

“Here’s the coolest thing Keith Urban ever did,” Larry said. “Back in 2006, my album was the first-ever comedy album to ever go to No. 1 on the country charts. And the week that we were doing an awards show, Keith won this big award and I was giving the award away — entertainer or the year or whatever it was.

“He came up, and the first thing he did was — before he got to the microphone — he says ‘Hey man, congratulations on that CD. That’s an incredible feat.’ And I just thought that was pretty cool, you know?”

Oh, yes, Larry. We do know. We usually get that same feeling when Urban just smiles in our direction.

“It’s always cool when I get to hang out with Nicole Kidman’s husband!” he chuckled.

And Kidman, who was in attendance at the Artists of the Year special to support her hubby, should be a girl-crush for us all. Like her other half, the Academy-Award winning superstar couldn’t have been more gracious to the media and was absolutely gorgeous.

So what is it about Urban that melts hearts to mush? Is it the incredible talent? The humble personality? The perfectly-coiffed hair? Larry and I decided it might just be that glorious Australian accent.

“That’s what it is!” Larry said. “I think women like his accent. Now, see, if I went to Australia … .”

And leave it to Larry to come up with an interesting observation.

“Africa brought us Ebola. Australia brought us Keith Urban,” he said. “I think that’s one of the jokes we cut out tonight.”

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Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.