Carrie Underwood Let God Handle It

Family Planning was Up to Him

Carrie Underwood admits she didn’t entirely plan her pregnancy. It was more like God was the one behind it.

She recently told The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville that she and husband Mike Fisher hadn’t planned on starting a family right now, but she became pregnant right around the time the planning might have been underway.

Underwood said that she and Fisher decided to “just let God handle” it. And God did.

“We can’t wait to meet the little guy,” Underwood said. “I was talking to Mike the other night and I was like, ’Do you love our baby?,’ and he was like, ’Of course.’ And I said, ’Isn’t it weird to think that you can love somebody you’ve never met?’”

That is, I think, the very definition of parenthood.

The baby is due in early 2015, and then, I’m guessing Underwood will also let God handle what comes next.

“The date is coming up,” she said, “and it’s a whole new chapter.”

Underwood’s plan is to let her son have a normal life, so she told the newspaper that “things will have to settle down as far as school and all of that.”

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