Tim McGraw Says a Dollhouse Changed Everything

He Recalls the Christmas He Became a Man

It was a dollhouse that made a man out of Tim McGraw.

When he was about 11 years old somewhere in the late ‘70s, his mom asked him to help assemble a dollhouse she was giving his sisters for Christmas.

In a recent radio interview, McGraw recalled some of his favorite memories of Christmas mornings as a kid growing up in Louisiana and some as a father to three girls now.

“We’ve had great memories with the kids for Christmas and the coming out Christmas morning when Santa Claus has come and getting up at four in the morning and doing all those things, which are very special,” he said.

But the dollhouse year was kind of McGraw’s turning point.

(He doesn’t specify what kind of dollhouse it was, but I’m picturing the Barbie Dream House and/or the Barbie Friend Ship airplane I got for Christmas around that same time period. They both had a lot of plastic and a lot of cool working parts.)

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