Justin Moore Reveals Favorite Christmas Memory

As for His Kids, He Plans to “Spoil Them Rotten” This Year

Sure, he may be the only man in his house, but don’t spend one second feeling sorry for Justin Moore.

He’s happy to always be surrounded by his beautiful wife Kate and their daughters — especially during the holiday season.

In fact, he says one of his favorite Christmas memories involves his eldest daughter, 4-year-old Ella and a pretty big milestone in her life.

“She actually got her first tooth on Christmas morning,” the Arkansas native remembers. “That was pretty neat to see and something we’ll always remember.”

This year, something tells me Miss Ella will be looking for more than a tooth as a Christmas present, and although I don’t know what she asked Santa to bring this year, I can tell you her dear old dad will do his part to make sure his babies have a magical morning.

“Of course, I’m gonna spoil them rotten,” Moore admits. “That’s my job as a daddy, especially to little girls.”

We’re sure his other two daughters, 3-year-old Kennedy and 5-month-old Rebecca, will be very happy to hear that as well, although little Rebecca may have to wait a few more Christmases before she remembers all the fun.

Justin’s time at home for the holidays will run through New Year. He’ll hit the stage again in Evansville, Indiana, on Jan. 15.

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