Why Jennifer Nettles Will Nail Broadway

Sugarland Vocalist Should Be Prepared for Demands of Chicago

“The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be”… Jennifer Nettles!

The big announcement that the country star will make her Broadway debut in Chicago as the iconic Roxie Hart came Tuesday morning (Dec. 9) and may have surprised a few of you.

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Is it really that surprising, though?

I think not. For starters, it’s hardly the first time a country gal has hit the Broadway stage. Remember Reba McEntire’s starring role in Annie Get Your Gun back in 2001? She was a natural!

One year ago, Carrie Underwood beautifully took on the role of Maria von Trapp in NBC’s live broadcast of The Sound of Music, which was basically Broadway on television.

And Kellie Pickler has done nothing but dodge questions about a possible Broadway detour in her career since winning on Dancing With the Stars last year.

So Georgia native Nettles, as far as I can see, has this one on lockdown. Lest we forget, even in her country career — whether as a member of Sugarland or as a solo artist — she’s always shown a flair for storytelling and theatrics.
Songs like “Baby Girl” and “Stay” were so incredibly story and character-driven. Heck, the video for the latter was like watching a dramatic mini-movie.

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