Is Dustin Lynch Crushing on Reba?

Yep, Yep, She’s Where It’s At

At least he didn’t say Jesus or Elvis.

Dustin Lynch told the industry newsletter Country Aircheck in a recent Q&A that the one he’d love to have dinner with sometime is Reba McEntire.

“I would love to have dinner with Reba McEntire. She’s my lifelong crush. I think she’d have amazing advice and be hilarious at the same time,” Lynch admitted. “I’d order a very nice bottle of red. As far as food, I’d leave that up to her.”

It makes sense that she’d be the one for Lynch because he grew up on nothing but country radio in the ‘90s.

“I grew up in Tullahoma, Tennessee, so we listened to Nashville radio stations. I’m a huge early to mid-’90s country fan. My parents never really had any classic music in the house. We were just radio fans, and it was always on,” Lynch recalled.

Aside from his love of Reba, Lynch also said the one song he wishes he’d written is Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” which would’ve been on his family’s radio all the time from about 1990 on.

“It’s the most timeless song we’ve performed on the road,” he said of the cover version he plays these days. “It’ll be around for as long as country music is played in any honky-tonk in America.”

Yep, yep.

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