Get In on Miranda Lambert’s #GlamJam

It’s Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, Only Prettier

You know what? If I ever need background singers, I’m going to do what Miranda Lambert just did. I’m going to hire my stylist, my makeup artist and my hair guy.

And voila. Instant band!

Even though Lambert and her pals were just messing around backstage somewhere in this video she posted on social media, they sound fine as hell on Little Big Town’s “Day Drinking.” They even have the whistle parts down.

Lambert captioned the video with a bit of a challenge.

“We challenge @littlebigtown to a Glam Jam! #daydrinkin#notreally#wishfulthinkin,” she wrote. (So it was a little bit like the ice bucket challenge, but without the charity — or the ice.)

Her long-time stylist Tiffany Gifford is in the video, along with celeb hairstylist Johnny Lavoy. He owns the Moda-Rey Salon and Spa in Connecticut. Also helping out on vocals and whistles is Terri Apanasewicz, Lambert’s makeup artist and glam expert.

So I guess the only question that remains is, if Little Big Town accepts the challenge, what other country artist would they send it out to, and what song would they sing?

My suggestion would be Carrie Underwood, because I’d love to hear their harmonies on her “Something in the Water.”

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