Where Were the Roommates Before Party Down South 2?

When They Weren’t Out Partying, They Were Just Trying to Make a Dollar

In the recent episode of Party Down South 2, the roommates start their new jobs at the Biloxi Beach Co. Remember, beer doesn’t grow on trees, so they need to make a little extra money.

And on the first day, they prove who’s a hard worker and who hasn’t worked a day in their life. Or have they? Find out what odd jobs the roommates had in their past lives:

Ashton: She worked at a dental office and had to look down people’s mouths all day. Let’s just pray she wasn’t ever hungover while performing any procedures.

Bradley: You should invite him over for dinner because Bradley was previously a line cook at a restaurant. His specialty: fried chicken. Now that’s finger lickin’ good!

Duke: If the car ever breaks down on the way into town, the roommates can count on Duke to save their asses. His first job was as a mechanic.

Hunter: One summer, his only job was to build wooden pallets. Womp, womp.

Karynda: This wild child once worked at a dry cleaner. And she assures us; she found some pretty weird stuff in people’s clothes. We can only imagine.

Magan: Well, the obvious (odd) job is already out there. But if she had to pick something besides dancing for dollars, she’d say a car hop at Sonic. You bet she wore roller skates — and you bet she fell down.

Raven: She was a nanny, believe it or not. Raven explains, “The only reason I liked it was cuz I ate everyone’s food.” Classic Raven 😉

Tommy: Before he was fighting fires, Tommy traveled around in a trailer for six months building grain bins. What are grain bins? They’re similar to those giant silver silos you might see out in rural areas. You know, the ones that look like spaceships ready to take off for the moon. Am I alone in thinking they look like alien space crafts? I digress.

What was your oddest job? Share it with us and watch this sneak peek before the all-new episode on Thursday (Dec. 11) at 9 p.m. PT/ET when Magan, Raven and Karynda try their hardest to get out of working at the Biloxi Beach Co.

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