Jake Owen’s Unusual Casting Call

“Real People and Real Scenarios” Necessary for New Video

Usually, when a country artist is casting for a video, they audition all kinds of really beautiful people. But this time, when Jake Owen was getting ready to make his video for “What We Ain’t Got,” it sounds like he wanted beautifully real people.

“It was really important to have the people that we used in the video,” Owen said in a recent interview with Billboard. “The first guy you see is Travis Meadows, who wrote the song. It was important to have him in there because everything he went through to write the song — from addiction to losing his wife — you can see it in his face in the video.”

The other actors who show up in the video aren’t actors, either.

“The lady without hair, the girl in the wheelchair — it was real important to have real people and real scenarios in the song to help with the message of it as opposed to it just being me,” Owen said.

Owen has said before how much he loved Meadows’ song and wanted to record it even though he’d never struggled with addiction or illness himself.

“There was one line in the song — ’I wanted the world until my whole world stopped’ — that hit me. As a 33-year-old man that is married with a child, I try to balance my life out on the road,” he admitted. “I’ve noticed that my chase of wanting to be better and wanting to win awards sometimes clouds my vision of what is real on a day-to-day basis.”

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