Carrie Underwood Is “Impeccable,” Says Michael W. Smith

Contemporary Christian Singer-Songwriter Got His Christmas Wish

I’m pretty sure that singing a duet with Carrie Underwood is on a lot of bucket lists this year and every year. And this year, contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Michael W. Smith got his wish.

Underwood was one of the first artists he asked to join him in singing for his latest Christmas album.

And this is how he described his day in the recording studio with Underwood: “Wow.”

“What a moment,” Smith told People magazine. “It made my hair stand up a little bit. In my entire life, I’ve never felt that way in the studio. When she sang it the first time, we were plastered against the wall.

“Usually you’re like, ’That’s great, but let’s just try it again,’ but I remember pushing the talkback button, and we just said, ’Wow,’” he recalled of his one-and-done experience.

Underwood’s response? She told Smith, “Well, I’m just getting warmed up.”

“You just don’t hear people sing like that,” he added. “Her pitch is just impeccable.”

Smith’s album, The Spirit of Christmas, features “All Is Well,” that song Underwood plastered to the wall. Other impeccable performances include Smith’s collaborations Lady Antebellum on “White Christmas,” Little Big Town on “Silent Night,” Martina McBride on “What Child Is This” and so many more.

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