Jason Aldean Hints About 2015 Wedding

Says “Sooner Rather Than Later”

Jason Aldean’s fiancee Brittany Kerr admits he isn’t the wedding-planning type.

“He doesn’t care,” she told CMT Radio’s Cody Alan when she and Aldean stopped on the CMT Artists of the Year red carpet recently. “He’s kind of like, ‘Vegas, beach, whatever.’”

I’m sure she’s a little bit grateful that he’s so open-minded about their upcoming wedding. It’s Kerr’s first and Aldean’s second.

When Alan asked if a Vegas wedding was an actual possibility, Kerr said no. But Aldean chimed in with, “If she wanted to do that, I’d be fine with it.”

One thing the two did agree on is that the wedding plans are moving very slowly.

And yet, when Aldean starts talking about the big day, all I hear is “January wedding.”

“The biggest thing is trying to get through the holidays,” he says, “so we kind of wanna get on the other side of that. And then we’ll figure it out. But definitely want it to be sooner rather than later.”

So after the holidays? But soon? Sounds like a winter wedding to me.

Maybe Kerr can get some wedding ideas from her friend Jenna when she walks down the aisle as one of her bridesmaids.