Nashville‘s Villain May Not Be All Bad

Will We Ever See the Other Side of Jeff Fordham?

There is no Nashville this week. I mean, there’s Nashville. But there’s no Nashville, the TV series..

So to bide some time, let’s think about how far Jeff Fordham has come in the season and a half that we’ve known him.


I think his first episode was back in October 2013, during season two. That was a time when we thought no one could ever be as backstabbing and narcissistic and mean-spirited as Juliette. But then there was a new villain in town.

Fordham started as the head of Edgehill Records. He was billed in the industry as just another Harvard bean counter. Nothing to worry about.

Until, that is, he was immediately hated by the entire city for snubbing artists, poaching others, and, in general, just saying whatever the hell he wanted with no regard to anyone’s feelings. He even had the balls to make an enemy of Rayna.


Then right around the time I found out that in real life Oliver Hudson (who portrays Fordham) is Goldie Hawn’s son and Kate Hudson’s brother, he started to grow on me. Other than hiring hookers for his night out with Mayor Teddy, Fordham started to act pretty normal.

Then by the mid-season finale, I almost kind of liked him.

And that’s exactly what Hudson/Fordham wants.

“It was great last year, just to be ruthless,” he explained in a recent radio interview. “Now that I’m a regular on the show, I would wish for, and it would be fun to see why this guy is who he is, because it’s gotta come from somewhere, and there needs to be some sort of humanity.”


The humanity I saw was that he was amazing on guitar, kind of flirty with Layla, and he admitted that, yes, he might’ve had a Dave Matthews cover band in college.

“You don’t have to redeem him, but I think you have to at least give everyone a little taste of why he’s so bad,” he explained about what viewers have to look forward to when the show returns in 2015. “Why he has no heart. It’d be fun to see what this guy does in a relationship. Who is he outside of just being cutthroat?”

It will be great to get answers to those questions. Then again, those pills. Remember he gave Layla some prescription pills? And God knows what will become of that.

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