The Best and Worst of Reba’s Holidays

Taking the Good With the Bad This Season

When Reba McEntire reflects — on Christmas, New Year’s Eve or anything else, for that matter — I listen.

So during a recent radio interview, when she talked about the best parts and then some of the not-so-great parts of the upcoming holiday season, I took notes.

The Good:
“When I was growing up in southeastern Oklahoma, around Christmastime, mama always bought me and Susie, my little sister, the same gift, only in different colors. Mama always called Susie and I her ’little girls. That used to make me so mad, I couldn’t hardly stand it,” she recalled about one of her best holiday memories — even if she didn’t think of it like that at the time. “Looking back, I just should have been thrilled to death I got a Christmas present at all.”

The Bad:
“I like to go with my family and friends and celebrate and think about all the great things that we got to do in the year, what we’re thankful for,” she said of her New Year’s tradition. “And then bring in the New Year. I gotta tell you, though, my least favorite song of all time is ‘Auld Lang Syne’ because it’s so sad. I don’t know why it’s so sad to me, but I wish we had come up with a more happy song besides that for New Year’s Eve.”

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