Tyler Hubbard: This Was How He Rolled

Florida Georgia Line Member Says Life Lessons From His Father Were Best Gift of All

For Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, one of the best Christmas gifts his dad ever gave him was the art of keeping expectations low.

Seriously. That’s a real gift.

Hubbard’s father Roy, who died in February 2007, used to tell him not to expect much for Christmas.

“Dad would always act like, ‘You’re not gonna get much this Christmas. Times are tough’ or whatever,” Hubbard recalled in a recent radio interview. “So you never had a whole lot of expectation.”

The key to Roy Hubbard’s system is that once you can get someone on your Christmas list to expect very little, it’s so easy to impress them.

“One Christmas, there was like hardly anything under the tree, and I’m just like, ‘Well, I guess he was right’,” Hubbard said. “And then he took me outside, and there was a dirt bike in the yard.”

Can you imagine being about 15 years old, thinking it’s going to be a socks-and-underwear kind of Christmas and getting a brand new dirt bike? No wonder it’s Hubbard’s favorite holiday memory.

“For me, that was like the best thing ever,” he said. “That was an awesome day.”

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