Redneck Island: The Plot Thickens

Emotions Run High On the Island this Week

Before Thursday’s (Dec. 18) episode of Redneck Island airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT, get ahead of the game and watch this sneak peek.

The house goes bananas immediately after “Hot Riley” is eliminated. Everyone’s mind is blown simply because Riley was such a tough competitor. Allow Cody to explain in the above video. But bear with him. He has trouble speaking with all the excitement he’s feeling.

Now that the contestants are amped up, they proceed to howl at the moon, get a little weird and beer-funnel the night away. Cut to Margaret, Riley’s partner, stomping around the house like the world just ended. Or, rather, looking like the end of a hotdog, according to Hunter.

“I love it when Margaret cries because she looks like the end of a hot dog. She’s just real scrunchy.”

“It’s really not going to be the same without him,” Margaret says.

It isn’t and she’s right. Two less contestants after elimination: Riley and Jami. But let me say, there are plenty more hot men on Redneck Island… heyo!

Now that there have been eliminations, this leaves Corey and Margaret forced to team up. How does Corey feel about cutting in after Riley’s elimination? Corey explains his main focus is finding a way to deal with Margaret. ‘Nuff said.

Will Margaret move on from Riley? Will Corey find a way to mesh with Margaret and see the competition through? Find out in an all-new episode of Redneck Island airing Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And follow along for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more on, the CMT App, the official Redneck Island Facebook page and on Twitter using #RedneckIsland.

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