Yes, Carrie Underwood Has Maternity Jeans

She Won’t Go Into Hiding Because She’s Pregnant

Every time Carrie Underwood appears on TV lately, her baby bump gets a little bit bigger. And that is a beautiful thing because it means she is finally out of that second-trimester style purgatory.

She is, I think, in her third trimester. So she actually looks pregnant and has just started flaunting her belly with some key bodycon pieces.

One thing she will not flaunt, though, is a closet full of ugly maternity clothes.

“They’re so hard for me to wear because there are just so many that I don’t like,” Underwood recently told InStyle magazine. “But the great thing about fashion right now is that there are so many items that are looser. I just want people to know you don’t just have to wear maternity clothes because you’re pregnant.”

But jeans? Unless you get a Belly Belt or Tummy Sleeve, you kind of have to spring for maternity jeans when you’re this pregnant. They are a must.

“Jeans,” Underwood says of the one exception to her no-maternity-style-don’ts-allowed rule. “I have the maternity ones. They’re the one thing that you really can’t wear normal when pregnant.”

She added she kind of has good style days and bad, and she’s fine with that.

“There are some days when I really don’t want to look chic and I don’t, and that’s OK,” she said. “It’s all about finding a few things here and there that make you feel confident. … You don’t have to go into hiding just because you’re pregnant.”

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