American Idol Judges Could Use a Drink

Top 12 Ways to Replace Familiar Soft Drink

When I picture Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. at the American Idol judges’ table in January, it’s hard to do without those big red cups of Coke.

After many years of prime product placement on the show, there will be no more Coke.

A rep for the soft drink company told E! News their sponsorship of the show has run dry.

“I can confirm that Coca-Cola and Fox have mutually decided to end our 13-year American Idol partnership,” the spokesperson said. “After 13 years, we feel it is the right time for the Coca-Cola brand to venture into new spaces and pursue other opportunities to connect with teens and leverage music as a passion point.”

So now what? Those judges can’t sit through hours and hours of auditions without something to wet their whistle, can they?

I have some suggestions for replacements drinks. No whiskey or Crown or ‘shine or other country-song secret ingredients because Urban is off the sauce and plus how hard would it be to get through the auditions with a buzz?

1. Pepsi
2. Starbucks skinny pumpkin spice latte
3. A&W Root Beer
4. Hawaiian Punch
5. Red Bull
6. Sunny D
7. Arnold Palmer
8. Gatorade
9. Squirt
10. Chamomile tea
11. V8
12. Tap water

The new season of American Idol premieres Jan. 7.

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