Funniest Country Music Moments on The Colbert Report

“You're known as being a very genuine person. Can you teach me to fake that?”

Stephen Colbert can make fun of just about anything without coming across as mean.

Sadly, his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report comes to an end Thursday (Dec. 18) as he gets ready to take over for David Letterman on The Late Show.

Mostly, The Colbert Report was a satire show taking on the 24-hour news cycle, pop culture and politics, but as a South Carolina native, Colbert knew his country music. Over the years, he invited quite a few country stars on the show and also skewered some of the biggest country music news stories. Toby Keith even became a recurring guest, going so far as to appear on Colbert’s Christmas Special one year.

In honor of the lovable comedian’s last show, here’s a few of the funniest country music moments in Colbert Report history.

That time he interviewed Dolly Parton, asking “You’re known as being a very genuine person. Can you teach me to fake that?”

The first of many times he teamed up with Toby Keith, asking “You wouldn’t kick Natalie Maines out of bed, would you?”

The time Hank Williams Jr. lost his Monday Night Football job. “Not hearing that song left me dangerously unprepared for some football.”

When Sheryl Crow released her first country album. “Why are you trying to steal jobs from country musicians?”

And of course, the time Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist” made everyone go, “Huh?”

Can’t wait to see the new show Stephen, don’t ever change.

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