Jason Aldean’s Fiancee Hits the Big Apple

Brittany Kerr and Bridesmaid Hit the City for Celebration

Was it her bachelorette party? Or just a trip to New York for some holiday boondoggling? I’m going to go with yes to both.

That’s because Brittany Kerr — Jason Aldean’s fiancee — posted an Instagram picture of herself with a group of eight girlfriends on a New York City street on Thursday (Dec. 11). “Having the most amazing time in NYC with my besties! No words can describe how blessed I am to have these angels in my life,” she wrote.

Then the next day, she posted a picture of most of the girls “the morning after,” with emojis of beer mugs and the hashtags #nycmadeusitsbiatch and #feyonce. (Because fiancee rhymes with Beyoncé, get it?) Kerr is in the center of the collage, wearing the Feyonce shirt while the other women are holding up signs that say Bridesmaid.
Her girlfriends posted other Instagram pictures, with more bride, airplane, heart and Statue of Liberty emojis, plus hastags like #badassbridesmaid, #sexandthecity, and #mybabiesarehere.
There were no cliché male strippers in any the pictures, so it looks like whatever kind of pre-wedding celebration this was, it was a classy one. There was also no evidence of Aldean’s participation in any of the photos. He probably just stayed back in Nashville while the girls did their girl things.

Although, if Kerr is already celebrating the upcoming nuptials in this way, that means that Aldean’s bachelor party can’t be far behind. And that the wedding is probably closer than you think.

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