How Hillary Scott Keeps Joy in Her Heart

A “House Truly Lived in” Is Her Home Sweet Home

You kind of expect a celebrity to have a perfect house. Like not a thing out of place. Not a mess in sight. And designer everything.

Yeah, well, don’t put Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott in that nice, neat, little box.

Her life with her husband Chris Tyrell and their daughter Eisele looks like it is bursting with good things, even though it may not look all that orderly.
In a recent photo she posted on Instagram, you can see the stainless steel refrigerator in her kitchen is covered with evidence of a full life.

As is what she wrote about that photo.

“A fridge full of finger paintings, Polaroids, a flower girl invitation and cards from friends and family … it might not look ’clean,’ but it sure brings us joy! They remind us to always be thankful for our relationships, and to pray for them. Eisele can call almost every face by name. A house truly lived in is a HOME,” she wrote, adding the simple hashtag #family.

Scott’s daughter Eisele Kaye Tyrrell is almost 18 months old, and while I’m sure she’ll get all kinds of toys this Christmas, it seems like her parents are treasuring family more than anything.

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