The Year’s Worst Cliches in Country Songs

Let the Maddie & Tae Lesson Continue

When Maddie & Tae’s “Girl in a Country Song” was released this year, I was all like “Genius! A song with a list of what guys should not sing about anymore.”

But the girls in the band, Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, said repeatedly in interviews that they were just kidding.

That said, I hope some artists take their litany very seriously and that they delete things like bare feet, tan legs, tailgates, trucks and pretty little thing from their list of potential lyrics.

But Maddie & Tae’s No. 1 song only scratched the surface. The world has obviously grown weary of the same kinds of songs being sung in the same kinds of ways. I think fans are ready for songs that seem to dig deeper. So in a perfect world, in the New Year, it would be great if songwriters would retire these cliches or at least use them sparingly and do not build entire songs around them:

Jack Daniel’s
Tall boys
Cold ones
Friday night
Jacked-up trucks
Jacked-up music
KC lights
Tailgates down (and the music up)
Small-town girl
Small-town night
Strawberry/cherry/raspberry lip gloss
Long hair
Swingin’ hips
’Round here
These parts
Riding shotgun