Why Tim McGraw’s House Makes the Perfect Gift

623 Leftover Acres Just Right for Someone, Somewhere

Still shopping for that perfect Christmas gift? Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a little something for sale. It’s $18.5 million, but it looks like it’s worth every penny.

It is the leftover acreage on their property outside of Nashville.

Here’s why it’s so ideal:

1. Those 623 acres can be divided, so if $18.8 million is out of your league, you can just buy the half that’s $8.5 million.

2. That smaller half is 270 acres and includes an 1856 antebellum-style home. It needs a little work, but if you have $8.5 million into it, what’s another $1 million for renovations?

3. The larger piece of that McGraw/Hill pie is the $10 million one, but that one comes with a three-bedroom, four-bathroom fabulously renovated log home from 1800.

4. There’s also a 12-stall barn. Horses not included.

5. There are two caretaker homes on the property. Caretakers not included.

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