A $5 Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert Concert

A Crowd of 80 Buys a Ticket in Oklahoma

These are some things that just don’t happen. Like $5 concert tickets for a country show. Big stars playing tiny rooms. Getting two big stars for the price of one. And watching the show with a crowd smaller than some people’s Christmas dinner guest list.

And yet those things did happen. All at once.

On Friday night (Dec. 19) night, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert took the stage at the Ladysmith, the bed-and-breakfast she owns in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to play for the lucky, lucky crowd.

In the report from KXII-TV in Sherman, Texas, there’s no mention of what room they played, but since it’s a very old, very historic building, it was probably the French Quarter, which is the inn’s bar/lounge.

The Ladysmith used social media to spread the word about the concert a couple of hours before the show.

“Blake is singing at 5 pm. Come drink on it! $5 cover Doors open at 4:30 pm.”

There may not have been any mention of Lambert in any official capacity, but where there’s Shelton, there’s Lambert. So I would bet a few $5 bills the fans knew she’d be there.

Since only about 80 people were there, everyone in the crowd had a chance to meet Shelton and Lambert after the show.

I still have a lot of questions about the impromptu show: What songs did they sing? Did they take requests? Was there Christmas music? What were they drinking? Did anyone take videos?

And, above all, is this the reason God made Oklahoma?

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