The Bachelor Keeps His Karaoke Country

Chris Soules Would Select Tim McGraw, Faith Hill for a Duet

The first sign I saw that the new season of The Bachelor was going to have a country vibe is that the actual bachelor is an actual farmer.

Not just like a hipster, I-grow-herbs-on-my-windowsill farmer. But an honest-to-goodness corn and soybean farmer. So much so, they’ve dubbed him Prince Farming.

Chris Soules, 33, said on the premiere on Monday night (Jan. 5) that he hated having to do the show during the harvest, but that’s just how much he wants to find love. That is something he’s obviously not likely to do in his tiny hometown of Arlington, Iowa, population 427.

Then there were the little things in the three-hour premiere that pointed to a country-filled season. They had shots of Soules fishing. By a creek. With his dad. I mean, come on. His life is literally a country song.

And he drives a tractor. And yes, it’s sexy.

Soules also seems very committed to country music on social media. He isn’t following many people on Twitter, but 15 of them are A-list country artists. And when one of the potential love hopefuls — Jade, who I have dubbed Best for Last — asked Soules what song he’d choose if they went to a karaoke bar and wanted to sing a duet, this is what he said: “It would have to be something county. It would be something Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.”

No wonder 30 women are vying for his love.

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