Blake Shelton Confirmed for Saturday Night Live

He Will Host, Perform as Musical Guest on Jan. 24

Hot off the presses, y’all! Blake Shelton is set to make his Saturday Night Live debut on Jan. 24. I swear if I had more space in my living room, I would be turning cartwheels right now.

SNL’s official Twitter account announced the news on Tuesday (Jan. 6), and don’t worry, the delicious scoop already has its own hashtag: #BlakeOnSNL.

The superstar will no doubt dominate the stages of Studio 8 in New York City when he makes his hilarious debut on the legendary sketch comedy show.

And he’s not just playing musical guest. He’s also hosting.

If you’re a fan and follower of the 40-seasons-running sketch comedy favorite, you know scoring a gig as host is not an easy one. Neither is scoring a spot as a musical guest. So landing both gigs? That takes a very, very special person. That takes a superstar. That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what Shelton is — a bona fide superstar.

And as we all know, an absolutely hilarious one, which makes you wonder why this hasn’t happened sooner, doesn’t it?

Now personally, I’m already thinking ahead to possible sketches and characters he could play, and I have to admit, a huge part of me is holding out for a Jimmy Fallon guest appearance in Shelton’s honor.

The former SNL cast member and now Tonight Show host loves him some Shelton. They always cook up something ridiculous when Shelton stops by Fallon’s show, and Fallon also loves a good excuse to drop back by his old stomping grounds for a sketch or two.

Think about this: Fallon comes back. He brings Justin Timberlake (a frequent host, collaborator, and big country music fan). The two team up with Shelton and in full polyester bell-bottoms, wigs and glorious gold chains, resurrect in a loving tribute … The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Can you hear us, Lorne Michaels? Let’s make it happen.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.