10 Things That Might Make You a Redneck

Redneck Island Contestant Hali Knows a Thing or Two About It

Editor’s note: Redneck Island contestant Hali Droddy wrote this article. Catch the next episode of Redneck Island Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Redneck. It’s an attitude. It’s a style. And, for some, it’s an entire way of life, especially on Redneck Island. But defining what makes one a redneck, that’s a little harder even for those of us born-and-bred Southerners. So, I went ahead and came up with a guide.

1. First, there’s mama. You namecheck her any chance you get. You might still live with her. And if you’re a guy, you’ve probably used her name in an attempt to pick up ladies.

2. Men in shirts with cutoff sleeves. (Is that because you forgot your deodorant, or do you just think it’s sexier that way?)

3. You have a deer stand … in your backyard.

4. This can’t be all about the men. Ladies, you’re just as guilty. If you wear cowboy boots with your swimsuit, go ahead and add yourself to this list. ‘Nuff said.

5. You can cuss someone out in your sweet-as-honey voice, and somehow make it sound like it’s not an insult (even though it is). #BlessYourHeart

6. You’ll take advantage of every opportunity to let freedom ring. #Merica

7. You carry a pocketknife everywhere you go. Or people just assume you carry a pocketknife everywhere you go.

8. You swig beer, or anything really, to celebrate the workin’ man.

9. You give a loud, rousing “hell yeah” for every celebratory moment in life, including the birth of your first child. And, your second.

10. And finally, you watch Redneck Island on CMT. Wink.

So let’s hear a big “hell yeah” for Redneck Island and keep watching to find out who’s the reddest of them all. Catch Redneck Island on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And follow along for exclusive news, videos, photo galleries and more on, the CMT app, the official Redneck Island Facebook page and on Twitter using #RedneckIsland.