Lady A and Hunter Hayes: Tour Prep Mode

Is Sam Hunt Getting Ready, Too?

When you put someone like Lady Antebellum in charge of a tour, things are going to get done long before that tour even kicks off.

And not just for them as headliners but even for the artists they are bringing with them.

The upcoming Lady Antebellum tour kicks off in Texas this spring, and Hunter Hayes will be with the band. And it sounds like he is already getting ready.

“We live to be on the road,” Hayes said. “We live to do the shows. I love writing, and I love studio stuff, but the moment when it all makes sense is when you’re onstage. The ’work’ is the 23 hours before the show — it’s not the show as that’s the fun part. That’s when we get to be ourselves, and we’re always looking for fresh ideas, to try new things, to try to bring the fans something they haven’t seen yet.”

The recent People’s Choice Award winners are teaming up for what is sure to be one of the biggest tours of the season. Newcomer Sam Hunt will be joining them, too. (He’ll be the one leaving the night on.)

“Being able to play off each other on that stage is honestly where we have the most fun,” Lady A’s Charles Kelley said of interacting with the band’s fans. “I have a feeling the crowd will already be on their feet when we get out there after starting the night with Hunter and Sam.”

Hayes says he’s looking forward to being on the road again, especially because of the company he’ll be keeping.

“I’m excited to finally get back on the road, and I’m excited to team up with Lady A, too,” he said. “Fantastic performers. Unbelievable shows that they put on. … The energy is going to be through the roof.”

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