Zac Brown Breaks Bread, Barriers With Fans

He Invites Audiences to Eat With the Band

Let’s say that there’s an imaginary wall between you and the artist you love. Wouldn’t it be great, just for a little while, to break that barrier down?

Zac Brown thinks so. That’s why he invites a group of fans to have dinner with his band before their shows.

“All the walls come down around people when you’re around a meal. It just breaks down the barriers, and we wanna be known for doing things differently. And when you feed somebody a great meal, they remember it,” Brown said in a recent radio interview.

“We are one of the people, and when we get to sit and eat with our people and our fans, it solidifies that,” he added. “It’s just a reminder to them and ourselves that we’re no different than they are, even though we’re up on the stage and they’re out there.”

That is true not only of the band’s eat-and-greet dinners, but of a good country song, too. That whole we’re-just-like-you relatability makes this genre what it is.

“We actually sit in it and visit with ‘em, and it means a lot to me that we service our fans differently and are connected to ‘em,” Brown said, “because we plan on doing what we’re doing for decades.”

So if selfies are the new autographs, then it sounds like dinners with the artist may soon be the new selfies.

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