Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Jams to New Single

River Blackstock Happily Hears a “Heartbeat Song”

River Rose Blackstock, who turned 7 months old on Monday (Jan. 12), has apparently reached a developmental milestone much earlier than expected: she is now a DJ.

That’s what her mom Kelly Clarkson dubbed her when she tweeted a teaser of “Heartbeat Song.”

“Check out this extended #HeartbeatSong teaser! She’s so cute I can’t stand it! #DJRiver,” Clarkson tweeted.

That tweet led to a video of River listening to her mom’s new pop tune, about “this is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it, been so long I forgot how to turn it up up up.”

Clarkson tries to get some verbal feedback out of DJ River, asking her, “Hey River, what are you listening to? It’s making you dance. What are you listening to? You wanna show everybody? Yeah, you do. Here we go.”

When the song plays, River goes nuts. Dancing, squealing and swinging her arms all over the place.

I mean, seeing River play with the levers on the soundboard is pretty cute. And seeing her in headphones about 100 sizes too big is extremely cute. But watching her dance in the studio chair is just off-the-charts adorable.

The full song can be heard on Vevo now.