Go Inside Justin Townes Earle’s Lyrics

Add to the Discussion of Songs From His New Album, Absent Fathers

The antithesis of the tailgate musings of today’s mainstream country, Justin Townes Earle continues to go deep as a lyricist on his just-released album, Absent Fathers.

The 10-song collection was recorded at the same time he was in the studio working on Single Mothers. Originally intended as a double album, Earle felt as though each half needed to make its own statement and take on its unique identity, so the maternal project was released in September.

One of the appeals of creative songwriting is that the listener is able to interpret the subject matter individually and embrace the music personally.

With that in mind, Genius.com has already provided annotations for two songs from Absent Fathers — “Slow Monday” and “Least I Got the Blues.” Check out what’s been written, and feel free to offer your insights to the discussion.

“Slow Monday”

“Least I Got the Blues”

Earle, the son of singer-songwriter Steve Earle, is about to embark on an overseas tour with shows in Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. He’ll return to the U.S. for additional shows beginning Feb. 16 in Tampa, Florida.

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