Miranda Lambert Names Beyoncé as Role Model

Reba, Dolly and Loretta Make Her List, Too

In a recent Q&A with Gibson Guitars, Miranda Lambert talks all about her songwriting and her guitar playing. But she also opens up about other artists she is kind of modeling her career after. And the first one she names is Beyoncé.

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“There have been lots of people I’ve looked to for that. It’s sort of like you take little parts from them and try to learn and apply them to your own life. One strong female artist I look up to is Beyoncé. She handles herself well and has such class,” Lambert said.

She has always admitted being a big superfan of Beyoncé’s music, but I think this was the first time she’s called her any kind of role model.

But Beyoncé wasn’t the only one to make Lambert’s list. There are country singers on it, too.

“As far as building an empire goes — and reinventing yourself and being true to yourself — I would say Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn are people I look up to most,” she said.

And while she didn’t technically name her husband Blake Shelton as someone she officially looks up to, it does sound like she treasures his input on her music.

“It’s great being married to another artist. We bounce ideas off one another and give one another advice,” Lambert said, “and each of us knows what the other is going through.”

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