Gotta See This: Blake Shelton Twitter War With Hollywood

Roasted Bieber, Cyrus Family Home for Sale

Country superstar Blake Shelton took to his Twitter account in response to some celebrities who appear to take issue with the new movie, American Sniper.

Shelton’s post is in response to tweets made earlier by both filmmaker Michael Moore and comedian Seth Rogen.

This controversy isn’t going away soon and we wonder who will tweet next. …

Roasted Bieber, Anyone?
Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber’s pop status shows no signs of waning. From his Calvin Klein photo-shopping controversy to his on-again/off-again relationship with starlet Selena Gomez, Beiber is no stranger to scrutiny. But can he take a joke? Beliebers can find out during his Comedy Central roast on March 7.

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