Kid Rock Remembers Glory Days With “First Kiss”

He Shoots a Nostalgic Video in the Nashville Area

In his latest single, “First Kiss,” Kid Rock finds himself getting sentimental about teenage relationships. CMT was on the set of his reflective music video to get a behind-the-scenes look.
“‘First Kiss’ is kind of a nostalgic piece,” the Detroit native said. “You know, there are a few ‘first’ things you remember in life. I think everyone remembers when their first kiss was, and it’s kind of just reminiscent about going back to your youth and the glory days.”

“First Kiss” is the title track to Kid Rock’s 10th studio album, which hits stores Feb. 24 and will include several tracks that highlight his country side.
“Without trying to jinx myself, I think this is definitely a career record for me.”
Like his 2008 hit “All Summer Long,” the music video for “First Kiss” was filmed in the Nashville area, one of the brash entertainer’s favorite places to work.
“I’m really in to simplicity these days,” he said. “Nashville is just a lot easier for me. I’d rather be shooting here than in Hollywood.
“Honestly, everything just makes more sense. People are a little more laid back here, not so high strung. I’ve had some great videos done in a lot of great places: Detroit, L.A., New York, here, all over the world. Nashville is easy, it’s simple.”
But no matter where his video shoots take him, Kid Rock emphasizes the most important part of any record lies with the music itself.
“For me, it’s always about the music,” he said. “The video is a great way to put it out there and create a feeling for people, but I think the songs speak for themselves.”
And he hopes those new songs will connect with listeners, many of whom have been with him for years.
“There’s a lot of pressure on this record, which I always do my best work under pressure,” he said. “There’s been a few years when there hasn’t been any pressure — just like, whatever, put an album out — but this one is a little extra special to me.”
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