Private Lives of Country Star Wives

What It’s Like to Be Jake, Tyler and Brian's Better Halves

Before I started following the social media accounts of Jake Owen’s wife Lacey, Brian Kelley’s wife Brittney and Tyler Hubbard fiancee, Haley Stommel, I always wondered what their lives must be like.

To be honest, I assumed they were stuck at home while their guys were out on the road, seeing the country and living their dream. But it’s 2015, and this generation of “star wives” has just as much fun as their famous counterparts.

Through the Instagram lens of what they share with us, their lifestyle appears simple, sweet and – apart from a few luxuries – not all that different than mine. Check it out:

They have personal shoppers.

They have the best couples’ costumes.

They’re BFFs with their dogs.

They’re BFFs with each other.

They’re BFFs with their guys’ famous BFFs.

Their PDA is too cute to be mad about.

They take really cute family outings.

They always have the best seat in the house.

They make us wish we were part of their tribe.