Kip Moore Calls RIAA Award “Killer”

Follow Platinum Plaque From Workshop to His Hands

You know what a platinum record sounds like, right? But do you know what one looks like or how it’s made?

If you ask Kip Moore, he’d say, “Killer.”

That’s what he kept saying when Cary Sherman, chairman & CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, presented Moore with the plaque that commemorates his achievements to date — three certified songs from his 2012 debut album, Up All Night.

Moore’s debut single “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” was his first multiplatinum record, “Hey Pretty Girl” went platinum and “Beer Money” went gold. Moore co-wrote all three certified songs.

A short video shows what’s involved behind the scenes as Moore’s plaque is created by Jewel Box Platinum, a California company that specializes in RIAA gold and platinum awards and other projects for the entertainment industry.

And despite Moore’s humble demeanor, you can tell he was thrilled when he received tangible evidence of all his hard work on that first album.

“Holy cow. That is killer. That is big. That is awesome. That is so cool,” he says, adding a few more “killers” in there. “I’m gonna hang this right above my bed mantel.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.