Mickey Guyton’s Ex Accidentally Inspired Hit

"I Was the Prize," She Realized

Sometimes it takes some hype to get me to fall in love with a new artist. Sometimes all it takes is a complete bastard.

Newcomer Mickey Guyton told ABC News Radio all about the ex who inspired her new single “Better Than You Left Me,” and I was instantly obsessed with the song and the singer.

Guyton and this guy got into a fight — their last one — and this is how it ended. He told her, “Don’t make me find someone else.”

Come on. It’s like he was begging her to write a song about him.

“I can’t even believe someone would even say that,” Guyton said. “We were together for four years, and he was always so back-and-forth and unsure with me, and he was always going and finding someone else, and he was always throwing me to the wayside.

“I realized that he was not the prize, and that I was the prize. I said, ’No more,’ and I told him to go find someone else.”

And now?

“I’m so much better than I was,” she said. “Just a better person than I was back then, and I’m so thankful.”

Which is exactly what the song is about, and it’s moving radio listeners. Guyton says fans tell her that when they hear the song, they have to pull over to the side of the road because they are crying so hard.

It even makes Guyton cry sometimes. She was moved to tears in November when she sang the song at a CMT Next Women of Country event in Nashville.