New Single: Carrie Underwood’s “Little Toy Guns”

Listen to the Track and Preview Her New Video

Carrie Underwood has revealed “Little Toy Guns” as the next single off her first hits compilation, Greatest Hits: Decade #1. Listen to it here:

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Written by Underwood, Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey, the powerful track combines pounding drums and soaring vocals with a storyline about domestic violence.

“The music to it is really great,” Underwood told CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “The music and the story almost don’t go together, but in a way that they totally go together, and it completely works.

“If you didn’t pay attention to the lyrics at all, you would just think, ‘Wow, this is like a cool, rockin’ song,’ but the lyrics are actually quite serious and the storyline is basically about a little girl who hears her parents arguing.

“She, in her words, wishes that they were fake like plastic, like little toy guns, and they didn’t actually hurt. Didn’t hurt each other and didn’t hurt her. So it’s kind of the best of two worlds that don’t necessarily go together, but they go together perfectly.”

Underwood posted her new “Little Toy Guns” video on her Facebook page Friday (Jan. 30).

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