Kansas Farmer Invents “Cow Art”

Hungry Cows + Creativity = Big Smiles

“We have happy cows in Kansas,” says Derek Klingenberg. And he ain’t kidding.

Back in August, the cattle farmer with a great sense of humor posted this video of himself calling his cows home in a pretty hilarious way – by playing them pop star Lorde’s smash hit “Royals” on his trombone.

The video already has over 8 million views on YouTube and was even featured on a German TV quiz show, so now he’s become the “Trombone Cow Guy.”

But now he’s back with a more ambitious project, something he’s calling “Cow Art.”

Using one of those drone cameras that will hover over whatever GPS coordinates you give it, he heads out to pasture with his feed truck for one of the most smile-inducing videos you will ever watch.

How cool is that? This guy is my new hero.

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