Behind the Studio Scenes: Keith Urban & Eric Church

It Feels Like They Wrote “Raise ‘Em Up” Together

I’m no songwriter, but this has to be the sign of a good song: that it feels like you wrote it, even if you didn’t.

That’s how Eric Church felt when Keith Urban shared “Raise ‘Em Up” with him.

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“When I first heard it, my first thought was, ‘I wish I’d written it,’” Church says in this new behind-the-scenes video. “And my second response to Keith was, ‘I wish that, because I feel like we did.’ If we sat down and wrote a song, it would be that kind of song.”

The guys who did write the song — Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston and Jeffrey Steele — did not write it as a duet, but that’s just how Urban heard it.

“It just struck me as the perfect song,” Urban says of his decision to call Church in to sing with him. “And there’s a particular theme, particularly in the second verse, that was just perfect for Eric.”

Urban also calls Church’s 2011 Chief album one of his favorite records, easily, in the last 10 years.