Eric Church Stands Alone at Utah Concert

Band Members' Illness Results in Solo Acoustic Show

I’d never wish a stomach bug on anyone, but if the result of the virus is a stripped-down Eric Church show? Then, I’m kind of in favor of the bug.

That’s what happened in Salt Lake City on Saturday (Jan. 31) when Church’s band and crew all became ill.

Church told the crowd that essentially, the show would go on. Just without a full band.

“If you’ve seen our show so far on this tour, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on right now. Well, so I am. Here’s the deal: Yesterday, we had the stomach flu strike our band, our crew, everyone. We had no one to hang video, lights, nothing,” he said. “But I’m still here. I’m still standing.

“Shit, there’s nobody left. It’s just me. I’m going to give you everything I’ve got. We have a couple band guys that feel OK to get up and down here,” he added as he took the stage with just his guitar and only four spotlights.

The set list included acoustic versions of “Give Me Back My Hometown,” “Drink in My Hand,” “Cold One,” “Talladega,” “These Boots,” “How ‘Bout You” and “Livin’ Part of Life.”

Then he promised the fans that he’d be back. For free.

Eric Church

“Here’s the deal: On Memorial Day, we’re going to come back and play the full show,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to play.”

Fans who want to attend that May 25 bonus show in Salt Lake City should hold on to their physical tickets.

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