Dustin Lynch Is Prepping for Luke Bryan Shows

Pre-Tour Hang Includes Turkey Hunting

I’m going to have to take Dustin Lynch’s word for this. He says he’s really good at turkey calling, and I believe him.

“Calling turkeys. That’s the only thing I really brag about,” Lynch told me. “I’m really good.”

Lynch was telling me all this — over some Nashville-style hot chicken at Chicago’s Parson’s restaurant — because he and Luke Bryan have made plans to do some turkey hunting. It will be their getting-acquainted time before Bryan’s big Kick Up the Dust tour starts in Ontario on May 1.

“We’re gonna do a little turkey hunting in the spring and get to know each other on that level. Sometime after he gets back from Dublin in March,” Lynch said.

Lynch is obviously very enthusiastic about being part of Bryan’s massive tour. So much so, he said he remembers where he was (New York City) when he got the call he was going to be the tour’s opener.
“We went crazy. You don’t forget those moments,” he assured me.

“After I came off the Keith Urban tour, I knew Luke was the guy I wanted to tour with next. I wanted this so bad. It is gonna be life-changing. I am going to be in front of so many new faces, and I just hope they dig what I do.”

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