Taylor Swift: “Prada Booties Were Calling Out”

Star Reveals Reasons Why Splurges Are OK

I get it. Taylor Swift has evolved. She’s gone pop, she’s crossed over and she’s no longer making country music. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep an eye on her and her ever-changing style.

So when I saw her on the cover of People StyleWatch magazine’s February issue, I knew there’d be some good intel on what Swift has been into lately.

It seems like her latest fashion splurge was something she found far, far away. And she only splurges when a piece is going to “mean something” to her forever.

“I went to a department store in Tokyo the week after my album 1989 came out, and I swear these amazing Prada booties were calling out to me from across the store,” Swift admitted. “I decided to go for them because I knew I would wear them for years, and every time I looked at them, I would think of that special week of my life when 1989 came out.”

Swift’s album is now quadruple platinum, so I think a pair of Prada booties — which typically sell for less than $1,000 — are completely within Swift’s shoe budget.

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